Portfolio companies

24-7 Entertainment

Founded in 2000, 24-7 focuses on the digital distribution of entertainment content. The company supplies white-label digital e-commerce and streaming solutions to over 30 clients in 15 countries. Via its white label streaming music solutions, it serves customers such as Danish Telecom (TDC Play) and Media Markt (JUKE) with hundreds of thousands of active users. 100% of the company was sold to Media Saturn Holding in 2012.


Stagelink is Berlin start-up which was founded in 2012. Stagelink offers a valuable platform by tracking fan-driven, real-time demand to plan, pre-finance, and de-risk tours. Compared to conventional promotion and ticket systems, Stagelink provides market intelligence, promotion and ticketing in a streamlined process. The fan-powered tour promoter crowdsources live events to plan risk-free tours according to fan demand by predicting ticket sales with precise accuracy. Stagelink covers all analytics and online promotion at no charge. Artists or promoters pay a purely success-based fee depending on ticket sales without any hidden or additional costs.


Founded in 2012 by Jon Williamson and Paul Beech, Pimoroni make tech treasure for tinkerers. The company grown from just one laser cutter and a kettle, to over 30 people, five laser cutters, and several circuit building robots in a larger factory over the past four years. Pibow was our first product, and a runaway success. It's a fun but practical case for the Raspberry Pi, in a range of colours. We've now sold over 175,000 of them!


Sonos is the wireless Home Sound System that sets up quickly and makes listening easy. Use the free app to connect directly to your home WiFi network and send different songs to different rooms at the same time. Or enjoy your favourite tune in perfect sync all through your house. Sonos plays all the most popular music services, internet radio, audiobooks, podcasts, music downloads—you can even set it up to play your vinyl collection. With Sonos, you can enjoy whatever you love to listen to, in any and every room in your home


Founded by four successful entrepreneurs from the worlds of music, technology, design and marketing, Yoto allows children to unlock a carefully curated world of music, stories and learning via interactive cards which connect to a safe, secure world of audio content with no screen time worries. Suitable for pre-school children and inspired by Montessori principles, Yoto gives youngsters autonomy over what they want to listen to or play – from their favourite nursery rhymes to learning the alphabet through phonics